Course familiarisation day

Come out with us for a guided tour of the courses. More details here



Registration takes place on SATURDAY 8 JUNE, the evening before the race, from 5pm until 6.30pm.  It will be in the Triangle Leisure Centre car park by the main entrance. We strongly recommend you register at this time.

The Triangle Leisure Centre
Jane Murray Way (A273)
Burgess Hill
RH15 8WA
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Registration will also be open on the morning of the race in the Leisure Centre foyer between 6am and 6.45am. There is plenty of free parking.

During registration, you'll need to sign the registration sheet and leave an emergency contact number.

BTF members: if you have a valid British Triathlon (BTF) licence, you'll need to show it at registration. If you register on Saturday but don't have your licence with you, you'll have to pay £5 for a day licence, but this can be refunded on Sunday when you bring your licence. 
Non-BTF members: You'll need a day licence, which costs £5. If you specified 'Non-BTF member' when you entered, this cost will have been included in your entry fee. If you registered as non-BTF but have subsequently joined, we can refund you £5 if you show your licence.


Getting ready

  • Your race pack will include two race numbers. One must be displayed on your back while cycling, and the other on your front while running. We'd recommend investing in a race belt to save faffing with safety pins.
  • Your race pack will also contain bike and helmet number stickers, with one spare.
  • Marshals located by the registration and transition areas will write your race number in indelible ink on your left leg and hand.

On race day, make your way to the transition area with your bike and helmet numbers attached. You can then rack your bike and lay out your kit.

Note that the transition area will be closed off at 6.50am, so please give yourself plenty of time to rack the bike, sort out your kit and allow for numerous toilet breaks! You will need to poolside at least 5 minutes before your start time (see below). 

Please be aware of competitors who have already started racing and keep clear of the swim exit route. Toilets, changing rooms and lockers are located next to the pool: the lockers take £1 coins.


Race briefing

All competitors must attend the compulsory race briefing at 6.45am. This will be held by the transition area. All important safety notices and any course amendments will be explained at the briefing.

The Race Director will give the briefings. Please feel free to ask him any questions.


Approximate swim start times

Swimmers will start in 15 to 20 second intervals in race number order. Please refer to the start times document below to find out your start time.

Mid Sussex Triathlon 2019 Start Times

General race rules

No ebikes.

The use of MP3 players or mobile phones while racing is prohibited.

Tumble turns are NOT allowed. You will be penalised for these.

Any competitor (including their family or friends) abusing our marshals or fellow competitors will be immediately disqualified.

Only competitors and officials are allowed within the fenced transition areas. You must show your race number to gain access to and exit from transition.

All competitors should follow our race etiquette. This includes allowing faster swimmers to pass. Marshals will show a 'give way' sign to any swimmers who are causing an obstruction.  Swimmers must comply with the marshal's instruction. Please read the swim etiquette section to avoid any confusion. 

Please remember to be courteous to the marshals. They are all fellow triathletes who are volunteering their time to make sure you have a great race.


Cycling safety notice

BTF race rules require that a cycle helmet is worn throughout the cycling discipline. You must put on your helmet  BEFORE you take your bike from the rack in the swim-cycle transition. You must not remove your helmet until your bike has been racked in the cycle-run transition.

Cycles must not be ridden in the transition areas. You must mount and dismount within the designated areas immediately outside the transition zone. Listen to the marshals' advice: they are there to help and advise you.

During the event, all roads will be open to normal traffic. You must follow the Highway Code. Cycle on the LEFT: if you are overtaking a slower rider, pull in as soon as you have passed.

Remember that you will NOT have priority at junctions and therefore must follow all normal traffic signs, especially 'Give Way' and 'Stop' signs. Please be particularly aware of horses and riders: if you do encounter them, please make them aware of your presence by shouting "Rider on the right", then slow down and give a wide berth.

Any cyclist who is reported by marshals, officials, police, other road users, competitors or spectators for riding dangerously or without due care will be disqualified without appeal. Dangerous riding includes (but is not limited to) riding in the centre or on the right side of a road, cutting across the centre white line at a junction, or failing to obey a marshal's instruction.

This event does not allow drafting. There will be a number of static and motorcycle-borne marshals monitoring the cycle course. Any infringement of the drafting rules will result in a minimum three-minute time penalty and may lead to disqualification.

The drafting rules allow 30 seconds for a rider to over take a slower rider.  It is the responsibility of the overtaken cyclist to drop back and maintain a 10-metre gap once the faster rider has his or her wheel in front of yours. 



The Aquabike will follow the same route as the triathlon bike route and will continue into transition (T2) as per the new BTF rules. You will then exit T2 via the run route, where your time will stop and your race will finish. You will then continue to the finish line (you will be directed by marshals along the 'swim in' route), where you can have your final race photo taken and receive your medal.


Run course

Competitors do not have right of way on the run course. The route includes sections on footpaths.  Please watch out for pedestrians and other road users. Remember to give horse riders a wide berth: when approaching from behind, shout to make them aware of your presence.


Aid stations

There are NO aid or fuel station on the bike route. There is one aid station, supplying water, at 2.5km on the run section. Competitors are therefore advised to carry their own drink bottles, gels etc.

If you are unable to carry empty bottles or bar/gel wrappers back to transition, please drop them with a marshal so we can clear up afterwards. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. 


Medical notes

On race day, medical cover will be provided.  An ambulance will be based at the leisure centre ready to respond to any incident, whether within the grounds or on the cycle/run routes.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are fit and able to take part in the event. Please record an 'In Case of Emergency' phone number on the reverse of your race number. If you need assistance, please alert a marshal.

If you normally take medication or have a medical condition
Many entrants do have a history of medical problems or will be taking medication or use inhalers. This information is invaluable to the medical support staff in the unlikely event of an emergency. For example, knowing that you are diabetic or asthmatic can speed the diagnosis and treatment of your problem.

Please enter your medical details on the reverse of your race number. If you do not, it may prolong the time taken to give you the appropriate treatment.

General information

The one thing we do ask for is feedback: this helps us to shape the race and make it the best it can be. Some of you may have noticed that a lot has changed over the years, which has all resulted from the comments and advice we've received. Again, please submit feedback via the website.

Please familiarise yourself with all the information on the website. If you have any questions, please email the race director.


Prizes and presentation

FREE DOWNLOADABLE race pictures are available courtesy of Sussex Sports Photography

Spot prizes will be presented at the award ceremony in the transition area after the race. All you need to do to take part is to put ONE of your race numbers in the bucket beside the trophy table. You must be at the ceremony to win a spot prize. If your number is called and you are not there, it will be redrawn.

The presentations for prize winners will be held in the transition area as soon as the results have been collated. If the weather is bad, we'll move inside to the canteen area in the leisure centre. We regret we are unable to post prizes after the event, unless prior arrangements are made. If you've won a prize, please do your best to stay for the presentation.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd triathlon overall place male and female (trophy and prize). Note that overall placed males and females will be excluded from their age group awards
  • Six triathlon age group winners male and Female (U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60+ (trophy and prize)
  • 1st Aquabike overall place male and female (trophy and prize)
  • The Spirit of Triathlon award male and Female (trophy only)

Prizes and trophies will be presented as soon as possible after the race has finished. 



Your results will be available when you cross the line. All results will be available shortly after the race finishes in the results section of the website.


Have a great day and a winning race!