Want to know what the race is all about?

Our previous competitors love it and many come back year on year. Here's what they have to say!


Mid Sussex Triathlon finisher, 2018

"A thoroughly well-organised and friendly event, which seemed to attract first-timers and experienced triathletes in equal measure.

"This was my first ever triathlon and I found it extremely welcoming from the very first step of hearing about, finding online, and entering, through the small amount of simple communications before the event, to the day itself. The event director and his team put in a visibly enormous amount of effort to make a well-run day that was great fun to be a part of. Each section was well run, loads of helpful, friendly, and encouraging marshals on hand with a smile and a supportive word. Good signposting around transition and out on the course, and clear instructions.

"The competitors were a friendly bunch too, I could not have asked for a better or more welcoming and fun introduction to the world of triathlon and I will definitely be back for more."


Mid Sussex Triathlon finisher, 2018

"I wanted to personally thank you for my first triathlon experience. I entered as a dare in the winter hoping that my pals would join me, they didn't. Instead, i convinced two of their wives to enter with me. It was a first for us all and we found everyone to be welcoming, friendly and full of useful advice.

"To be honest, we were all a little nervous when we arrived bright and early but speaking to other participants and marshals really put our nerves at ease So, i have no other events to compare this one with but credit where its due, we were well informed, treated well and felt welcome to be there. Everywhere was well marked out and there wasn't a question i could have asked that hadn't already been answered. I had a compete lifestyle change to get me in shape for this event and have now got the buzz. I will be completing another triathlon asap and will 100% certainly return to mid Sussex triathlon next year, bringing with me as many friends as possible!

"I can't thank you and your team enough for the most enjoyable morning I have had in many years. Thank you!"


Manager, 4Sight Vision Support

"On behalf of 4Sight Vision Support and our 5 Visually Impaired triathlon competitors, thank you all so very much for all that you and Ben, Callum and Chris have done in recent weeks and on Sunday to make it possible for Julia, Belinda, Tim, Philip and Bernice to take part in this event.

"For Kip and me, it was fantastic to see what a thrill they all got from competing. I shall never forget Belinda's pure excitement after she had finished her cycle ride and, I think, incredulity that she had done so well. She was still buzzing when we left! Bernice too enjoyed it so much that she's wanting to train to do the whole thing (if possible) next year. Callum and Chris were absolute star pilots, and Julia was amazed as her cycle time was considerably faster than last year."


Mid Sussex Triathlon finisher, 2018

"I am writing to say a huge thank you for Sunday. A year ago I set myself the challenge of finishing the Mid Sussex Triathlon. It's been a great journey and I have now achieved something which at one time wouldn't have been possible.

"One of the reasons that my dream became a reality was the nature of this particular triathlon, its ethos and the fact that you showed an interest in my endeavour from the beginning. You have always been encouraging, offering to take me on a bike ride (although I was too lacking in confidence to take you up on the offer at the time), full of words of wisdom along the way, and quick to answer emails.

"The day itself was a triumph of organisation, I felt part of an exclusive club, everyone I met was encouraging, friendly and there was only support for the No 3 on my arm! The marshals were magnificent in every way - I could not have felt more encouraged. It is the perfect triathlon for a novice. Anyway, I will be back next year with a personal time to beat. With very best wishes to you and the rest of the team."