A pool swim, countryside bike ride and flat run

Please familiarise yourself with the course details before the event.


The swim is held in the Triangle Leisure Centre's 25-metre, 8-lane pool. It is a 'zig-zag' swim: you'll swim two lengths, keeping to the left of the lane, then move on a lane until you run out of lanes (total 400m). It's worth practising diving under the rope on your turnaround - it's much quicker than stopping and ducking under the rope. When you've finished your swim, you can either exit the pool at the end of the lane or use the exit ladder.

Sprint & Aquabike (400m): You’ll start at the far end of the pool and complete 16 lengths in total.

Try-a-Tri (200m): You’ll start mid-way down the pool, completing 8 lengths in total.

The first swimmer will start at around 6.45am, with the slowest swimmers in the early waves. Competitors will enter the water in number order based on estimated swim times. Estimated times are never completely accurate, so overtaking is inevitable in the pool. Please read the Swim Etiquette notes for more info.

At the end of the swim, leave the pool and exit through the double doors to the transition area, WALKING and taking care as the floor may be slippery.


T1 (Transition 1)

You must the marshal's guidance on flows through transition.  

Transition will take place in the tennis courts. Please familiarise yourself with the entry and exit points before the race.

After the swim, walk through the 'Swim IN' transition entry point, find your bike in the transition area, then change into your cycle kit. 


When you're ready, unrack your bike and wheel it to the 'Bike OUT' transition exit. Mount your bike in the bike mount/dismount box, as indicated by the marshals, then set off on the bike leg.



The bike route

Sprint & Aquabike (25km): The full sprint cycle course is a one-lap, 25km course on country roads, including some lovely Sussex countryside.

Try-a-Tri (15km): The shorter course starts and ends the same, but cuts off the middle loop. 

View bike route on Strava | View bike route on Garmin | View a video of our bike route

  1. Turn right at the mini roundabout to leave the leisure centre.
  2. Take first exit on the main roundabout and proceed along Jane Murray Way, then do a U-turn at the second roundabout, retracing back almost to the start.
  3. Turn left and proceed along the A2300.
  4. Turn right at the second roundabout towards Ansty.
  5. The road rises gently and is uneven in places. At the junction, turn left, then left again at the mini roundabout onto the A272.
  6. There's a fast descent towards the roundabout at the A23. Take care on your approach to the A23 roundabout.
  7. Continue across the roundabout on the A272 towards Cowfold.
  8. Try-a-Tri only: turn left towards Twineham and follow Bolney Chapel Road through Twineham Green and Twineham. When you’ve passed through Twineham, turn left onto Hickstead Lane to rejoin the main course: follow the directions below from step 12.
  9. Sprint only: Continue on the A272 past the Twineham junction.
  10. Turn left onto a small lane signposted to Wineham. Continue to the end of this road, then turn left onto the B2116 towards Albourne.
  11. Proceed along this road until reaching a left turn into Twineham Lane. Follow this lane until you reach a signposted right turn into Hickstead Lane.
  12. All routes: Proceed along Hickstead Lane until you meet the A2300 at the bridge over the A23.
  13. Take care here as there maybe fast approaching traffic from the right from the slip road.
  14. Carry along the A2300 straight back towards the leisure centre.


THE HIGHWAY CODE MUST BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES. Any competitors caught cycling dangerously or with disregard for the Highway Code will be penalised.

DRAFTING IS PROHIBITED. Any competitors caught drafting will be penalised. If you are overtaken, you must drop back and maintain a gap of at least 10 metres ahead of you.

Marshals will be positioned at all turns on the course to guide you. There will be signs to warn traffic, but please take care as you proceed around the course.



T2 (Transition 2)

Cycle into the leisure centre car park, then dismount in the bike mount/dismount box. This will be well indicated by the marshals. Wheel your bike through the 'Bike IN' transition entry point and rack it at your kit point, before removing your helmet.


Change into your running gear and head out of the 'Run OUT' transition exit. Your race number will need to be visible on your front before you start the run.

AQUABIKE: The race finishes at the EXIT of transition 2. Leave T2 via the run route exit and pass over the timing strip, where your time will stop and your race will stop. Please make your way to the finish line to collect your medal. 


The run course is an out-and-back route through the streets of Burgess Hill and out into the quiet surrounding lanes, finishing at the leisure centre. The sprint distance is 5km; the Try-a-Tri route is 2.5km. Both follow the same route, with Try-a-Tri athletes turning part way down Gatehouse Lane.

View run route on Strava | View run route on Garmin

  • Previous entrants, NOTE that the start and end of the route may change slightly each year, depending on car park layout. Marshals and signage will direct you throughout.
  • The route is mainly along small residential streets, with marshals at key turns. Take care where the pavements end at the edge of town.
  • At the dead end of Gatehouse Lane, marshals will instruct you on crossing Jane Murray Way. For the safety of all athletes, YOU MUST OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MARSHALS.
  • On your approach to the crossing, the marshals will tell you if it is safe to cross BOTH lanes. If the marshal indicates it is safe to cross, you may do so, taking care and using your own judgment to deem if it's safe for you to cross.
  • If the marshal deems it is not safe to cross, they will tell you to wait. When the marshal indicates it is safe to go, you may cross, again taking care and using your own judgment to deem if it's safe.
  • Once across Jane Murray Way, run on the right-hand side of the road to the turn point at the Sportsman pub.
  • On the return leg, remember to wait for the marshals to direct you when to cross Jane Murray Way.
  • As you return to the leisure centre, follow the signage and marshals' instructions towards the finish line.