Aquabike is the perfect low-impact option for people who can't or won't run. If you're new to multi-sport events and think a triathlon is too daunting, or can't run because of injury or an aversion of that part of a triathlon, why not try an aquabike? It may be just the challenge you're looking for.

At our event, aquabike and triathlon competitors participate together in the pool and on the cycle course, with the aquabike event finishing at the entry to the second transition.

The history of aquabike events

Aquabike was created in 2005, and is aimed at athletes who suffer from knee and hip injuries by eliminating the run portion of the event. Many long-course triathlon events embraced this style of competition by hosting a 1.2-mile swim and 56-mile bike. Organisers were surprised to find that not only were they attracting athletes who had trouble running, but also a new crop of participants, as this distance offered the endurance of a long-course event without the pounding on the joints caused by the 13.1-mile run portion of long-course triathlons.