We plan to hold the race on the 13th June as a Covid-secure, socially-distanced event. 

There were many Covid-secure races run last autumn and the BTF has shared best practice, which we will adopt to keep everyone safe. We expect the key changes to include:

  • The spirit of the race will be participation, not competition. It will be run as a race, but the focus is getting everyone back into the sport.
  • Rather than a single arrival time, we will run the race in waves and require you to turn up for a specific time. You will be helped through registration, transition and to the start of the race without being bunched up. You will be able to choose the same wave as a friend – we will arrange this in due course.
  • There will be no briefing on the day. The briefing, route information, health questionnaire, etc. will all be sent ahead of time and it will be your responsibility to digest this before arrival.
  • There will be much more space in transition and we will neutralise transition – meaning that it will not be timed – to allow social distancing without pressure.
  • We will amend some of the route to avoid points of high footfall and ensure there are no bottlenecks.

We will of course issue much more detail in the run-up to the race. 

Will all my swim fitness be gone?
We found a recent swimsmooth blog post very reassuring about the return to swimming:
  • It typically takes about six sessions to regain your “feel” for the water. To start with, just being back in the water is a great feeling. However session two often feels a little worse due to fatigue and maybe the expectation of wanting to achieve something. Push through this because with a little tenacity, sessions 3 to 6 will all start to improve.

  • Swim fitness typically returns in 3 to 4 weeks. Don't be in a rush to build back too quickly, take your time and work on your stroke and pacing. Your swim fitness will come back soon and even if you're not back to full fitness by the time of the race, you can still enjoy it. 

We do appreciate that many of you will have struggled to train so we will include the option of a shorter, 200-metre swim leg.