We will make a decision on the detailed format of the race depending on the covid risk near the race date. This would only affect the arrival/registration and transition timing, all of which worked out well in June 2021.

The 2021 race ran successful before restrictions lifted. We had plenty of social distancing both in the pool and in transition, without affecting the race seriously. The main change was that transition was untimed (to allow the one way system to work smoothly) - a change that many people preferred!

Changes in 2021 included:

  • We ran the race in waves and required you to turn up for a specific time, to avoiding bunching up. You could choose the same wave as a friend.
  • There was no briefing on the day. The briefing, route information, health questionnaire, etc. were all sent ahead of time and it was be your responsibility to digest this before arrival.
  • There was much more space in transition and we neutralised transition times to allow social distancing without pressure.
  • We amended tony aspects of the route to avoid points of high footfall and ensure there are no bottlenecks.
  • We offered a 200m swim option, as many people had struggled to get enough swim training in lockdown.
  • A covid/emergency form needed completed ahead of the race. 

We will review all these options in the run-up to the 2022 race.